Finland vs. Malta

Beauty Salons around the world. What are they like? Are they all the same? Here are some insights and observations I’ve made in the past few weeks.

Granted, I have only been to one beauty salon here in Malta, so these opinions are based solely on my work place Beauty Rituals, and the things I’ve noticed and learned there. (And also on some common sense)

A Beauty Salon in Malta

  • Short appointments
  • Inexpensive
  • Closed Sunday and Monday
  • Not a lot of technology (a small UV sterilization, ultrasound device, one device for face/body treatments, a steamer)
  • No Body Sugaring, waxing with pink wax

A Beauty Salon in Finland

  • Long appointments
  • Quite expensive
  • Often closed during the weekend, or only closed for one day
  • Often a lot of technology (drills, devices for facials, teeth whitening, steamers etc.)
  • Body Sugaring or waxing (honeywax)


Often the environment in Beauty Salons in Finland is very professional. Which is obviously a good thing, but it is important to still create a welcoming and homey atmosphere for the clients. Here in Beauty Rituals clients are always made feel like at home and as comfortable as possible.

A lot of Graziellas clients have been here clients for years, which of course changes the situation a bit. But an old client or a new one, nonetheless making them feel welcome is important. And if the setting is too professional, the atmosphere can become a bit rigid.


Aseptics are highly valued in Finland, and there are a lot of rules. Obviously this varies from salon to salon, and everyone has their own habits of cleaning and disinfecting. But more often than not there are certain professional products and devices being used. Here in Malta it is not as precise. I am not saying the hygiene here is poor, quite the contrary. But the products used are regular retail products, and most things are washed by hand.

Keep in mind

All of the things I have mentioned also vary based on the location, the owner, the size of the salon and various other factors. But obviously the culture and the people (client base) have a massive impact on the end result: a beauty salon up and running and making profit.



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