Places I visited

From my instagram @riikkayas you can find lots of pictures from all of these wonderful places! Even thought its tiny size Malta has a lot to offer. And I feel like I could easily spend another four weeks here just exploring. But here is a list of the places I did visit during the past few weeks.

  • San Gwann (my apartment is here)
  • L-Imsida (Beauty Rituals)
  • Valletta (the Capital)
  • St. Julian’s (San Giljan)
  • Sliema (Tas-Sliema, The Point Shoppin Mall)
  • Pembroke
  • Naxxar
  • Bugibba
  • Mdina
  • Gozo
  • St Paul’s Bay (Salini Resort)

A Gallery

I tried to download a lot more pictures, but for some reason it did’n work. But go check out my instagram if you want to see more! I have posts and ’Malta’ highlights.



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