Week 3 (full week)

Week three was my first full week of work from Tuesday to Saturday. I worked seven to eight hours a day as usual, and it went by surprisingly fast.

Tuesday 26th March

Tuesday was a fairly quiet day for me, as I didn’t have any of my own clients. But I did get a set of OPI polishes, which I practiced with. I also priced some products (Dermalogica and GUAM). Scariest part of the day was the BOMB outside the salon! Well not right outside, but on the opposite street was a bomb doubt. The police has evacuated and clsoed down the street. It turned out to be a real bomb, but glady they found it. Apparently here it is not a big deal, but for a while I was super scared.

Wednesday 27th March

I did a mini manicure for Graziella, waxed Jess’s arms, and did a hand massage for a client. Most of my treatments have been little extras like this to Graziellas clients. But I really don’t mind, I actually like it. It was a really busy day for Graziella, so I ended up handling a lot of appointments, cancellations etc. At the end of the day she thanked me for my hard work!

Thursday 28th March

On Thursday I got to do a deluxe pedi (scrub and massage included) for the loveliest british lady. I also did a little hand treatment for Graziellas client (including hot towels, a massage and cuticle treatment). After that I got to watch and help with the paraffin treatments for the clients hands. We also updated Beauty Rituals facebook page a little.

Friday 29th March

Friday went a little differently from what we had planned, since we had a SIX HOUR cancellation. One client had booked a time for mani, pedi, body massage and a facial. And didn’t come. But because of all the extra time, I did a pedicure for Graziella, and she did a reflexology session for me (more about this on another post)

Saturday 30th March

Saturday was a short day and I wasn’t feelin well, so I mostly spent time checking the appointments, and making facebook posts. I did do a half leg wax for a nice french girl who we managed to get in even thought she didn’t have an appointment.



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