Succes and failure

The exchange has come to an end now, I am writing this at the Frankfurt Airport in Germany. Waiting for my connecting flight – almost three hours to go.

The last night home before my flight to Malta I remember being scared. Thinking ”Oh my god oh my god I can’t do this.” But I did, and I am beyond happy that I did. Granted not everything was a total succes, but what’s life without its up and downs?

To save you from a boring (too long) post, I’ll gather my biggest successes and failures from the past four weeks to two lists:

What went well

  • Getting along with my boss
  • Meeting a maltese friend (three times)
  • Improving my english skills
  • Figuring out what makes me happy and what doesn’t
  • Discovering new interests (reflexology, sound therapy, theta healing, aromatherapy)

And not so well

  • Getting lost on the first day
  • Struggling with verbal communication
  • Getting homesick and frustrated
  • Trying to buy a gym membership (ended up paying a lot, and it was a mess)
  • Bought a sim (I didn’t really need)

Four weeks felt at the same time like an eternity and like only a couple of days. Saw some amazing places (and not so amazing places), met old friends and new friends. Did a lot in a short amount of time and also spent four days at home sick watching netflix. Sticked to my habits with food and gym, and also enjoyed a little (or a lot) of chocolate and wines.

And it was an experience I’l cherish for the rest of my life.



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